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In addition to our in-house events, Private sessions are available for individuals or groups at your venue

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What is Sound Bathing?

Every part of us is constantly vibrating. We make our vibrations ourselves – we don’t need anything else to produce the vibrations. Just as gongs or drums do not need strings – their sound is produced when they vibrate. When we are in full health mentally, physically and spiritually everything within our physical body and our subtle body/energy fields resonate at their most optimum potential. When our life force is out of balance so are our vibrations.

The vibrations the body receives from Sound Bathing encourages every cell and every part of our subtle bodies to vibrate at their individual optimum rates.  Every organ, bone, muscle – every part of us will begin to vibrate in harmony with each other – breath, heart and conscious state synchronising. Sound vibrations can encourage us to relax into alpha or theta states which can assist in this vibrational shift. Our cells become entrained by the source of the introduced vibration – we become one with this forced resonance and harmony is restored. Self healing can take place at a cellular, subtle body, mental and spiritual level.  Sound sings to our hearts allowing us to become open and at one with ourselves.

Negative patterns – both  thought and behavioural – can be cleared. Energy channels are unblocked leading to a sense of physical, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Clients report feeling as though a weight has been lifted – energised – happy – positive – balanced following a Sound Bathing session.  And the feeling can last for several days.  Sound Bathing clients report very positively about the benefits of the cumulative effect of regular sessions.

Here at Nurturing Sounds, Sue uses a combination of Gong, Drum, Himalayn Bowl, Crystal Bowl and a whole host of smaller instruments to create beautiful sounds to relax and nurture you in either a one to one or group ‘Sound Bath’.

Many people ask if water is involved?  What is a sound bath?

You are simply bathed in beautiful healing sound – no swimsuit required!

Participants will be welcomed into a warm, cosy studio where they will settle on mats with blankets and pillows (we recommend you bring your own pillow).  A bolster to rest your legs on, a brief introduction – lights dimmed and then prepare to be transported to a state of bliss…………

Often Sound Baths will include a Cacao Ceremony to aid relaxation using wonderful organic ingredients from Elements for Life - or perhaps even yummy hand made raw cacao chocolates after the session to ground you.

Maximum 10 participants for group sessions.  Larger groups catered for at other venues – please email Sue to enquire.  Full details of what to wear/bring/expect are emailed to all group participants a few days before each event.

A rare opportunity in these troubled times to switch off, let go and become totally relaxed. Ready to book?  Full details of how are on our Booking and Prices page.

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About My Beautiful Gongs & Drums





My Gong journey started years back when the lovely Kath Reade presented regular Gong Sound Baths at Body Nurture.  When Kath semi retired from Gong a couple of years back to concentrate on her songwriting I thought – who will deliver our Gong Sound Baths?  I had the passion – an idea was born, everything fell into place and the rest is history.  I feel honoured to have completed my Gong Master Practitioner training with Sarah Gregg – Harmony of the  Spheres – in 2022.  Sarah shares her passion for Gongs with love and dedication.  She said the course would be life changing – and she was right.  What an amazing journey it has been, and the journey I’m delighted to say continues……. Reiki, The Akasha Process… watch this space.

Paiste Sound Creation No 3 Earth – 26″

Mysterious, unfathomable, knowing, allowing and full of surprises!
Each Sound Creation Gong has its own extraordinary and particular sound character. Their impressive, charismatic sound embodies a wealth of emotional sensations and feelings. My Sound Creation Earth Gong has a wide range of harmonics and frequencies.  Sometimes he can be challenging to play – almost as though he has a slight time delay between being struck and sounding.  Other times he almost plays himself.  It was love at first sight!

Paiste Symphonic – 28″ 

The Symphonic is the oldest version of Paiste Gongs.  They have a harmonic and universal sound structure. The fundamental note of the Symphonic Gong is balanced with the instrument’s complex overtones.  I named my Symphonic Anna – she is ‘pre-loved’ and belonged to a friend I met whilst on my drumming course.  I think of her as my ‘ Mama’ Gong.  She is warm and gentle, at the same time can be very deep and complex – she can make her voice heard when the others need keeping in check!  Why Anna?  She works well with the Heart Chakra – so Anna is short for Anahata.

Planetary Gongs

Paiste Planetary Gongs are tuned to the orbits of the celestial bodies in our solar system. These frequencies are made audible thanks to the groundbreaking work of Hans Cousto, author of The Cosmic Octave.  I am currently the proud owner of Venus and Mercury.

Paiste Venus – 24”

Venus resonates at approximately the musical note A – associated with both Libra and Taurus astrological signs.

The goddess of love and beauty – Venus helps us to achieve balance, comfort and harmony and helps to promote spiritual unity with the self.  She helps us when we are struggling with confidence and self-esteem, bringing us a sense of our own self-worth and value. She showers us with unconditional love and boosts our creative power.

Venus also represents the divine feminine – a beautiful gong to use in feminine rituals and moon ceremonies.

I was very surprised at how powerful Venus is. The sound she produces seems far greater in volume and depth of tone than I expected from her 24”. She is not just powerful though – her softer side has the most beautiful eerie overtones and she constantly surprises me when I play her – producing other worldly harmonics. My beautiful Venus has a very calming effect.

Paiste Neptune – 24”

Approximate musical note G# – astrological sign Pisces.

My astrological sign – so no wonder I chose mystical Neptune!  This Gong is about dissolving boundaries, mysticism and water. His vibration can help to address weak willpower issues and physical issues to do with the flow of liquid within our body – such as lymphatic flow. Imbalances to do with pressure and volume can also be addressed – and as most Pisceans are very fond of their feet its hardly surprising to learn that Neptune works wonders for foot problems.

Mystical Neptune can help us to develop our intuition and psychic abilities – cultivating dreams and visions. He can help us to recognise our spiritual purpose. Neptune works well with Pluto and Chiron – both on my ‘Gong List’.  As a water sign Gong, I was not surprised at how wonderful he sounds when played with my latest addition – Tallulah.  See below.

28” Paiste Bronze No.2

The most recent addition to my Gong Family – August 22.

Based on the original Paiste Bronze number 4 – The Water Gong.  Stunning visually – one feels immediately drawn to the dark pool in her centre.  As she moves beautiful green and blue hues appear.

I have named her Tallulah – Native American for Leaping Water.  Her centre is like a deep dark pool which can sound almost drum like sometimes – but then bright sparkling water leaps out when played with lighter harder mallets.

She is a Soul Seer.  It is said that Paiste deliberately did not name this new Bronze series ( 9 in all) – so that those who played them could form their own opinion as to the character and healing powers of these beautiful Gongs.  I knew straight away that there was something really special about this Gong – and Soul Seer just came to mind.  Not only does her centre look like a pool – but at certain angles her whole form looks like a huge eye.  She can see everything!

I get a really strong feeling that Tallulah in her role as Soul Seer can see deep into my soul and knows what needs to be drawn out and healed.

I’m looking forward to introducing her to you soon…….. you will feel her gentle but strong power bathing you with healing vibrations.




Songbird was my first drum.  I made her as part of the Ceremonial Drumming course which I studied with Mike Barron through The College of Sound Healing in 2020. Part of the course required us to make our own drum, rattle and beater using traditional Inipi Lodge techniques. Songbird is a double sided drum representing Yin and Yang.  It was such a sacred and rewarding experience – creating a beautiful instrument using the same methods as my ancestors.


IMG_4012In fact I was so moved by the whole thing that when Mike offered a drum making workshop a year or so later I signed up straight away.   Blossom was born – a single sided drum this time – and every bit as special as Songbird.  The memories from these wonderful drum making sessions will be with me for ever.  As will the friends I made at Mike’s amazing haven in Powys.


Contraindications for Gong Baths/Sound Healing

Pregnancy – first trimester

Metal implants (contraceptive coils are fine)


Sound sensitive conditions


Recent surgery

Severe osteoporosis


Please ask if you have any query regarding the suitability of a gong bath for you