News many members have been waiting for……

Starting January 2024 I am introducing monthly (or thereabouts) ‘Nurture Me’ Friday therapy sessions.

There will be just 2 slots available – 2.00 pm and 4.00 pm (available dates below).

Sessions are purchased in the same way as your classes – just choose ‘Therapies’ from the drop down menu – then select the length of session you wish to purchase:

  • Nurture Me 30 – 30 minute session £35
  • Nurture Me 60 – 60 minute session £60
  • Nurture Me 90 – 90 minute session £75

(All purchases valid 1 year)

Once you have made your purchase choose the date and time you wish to book.

The timetable slot defaults to a 60 minute session.  If you purchase a 30 or 90 minute session I will amend your slot to the appropriate length of time once you have booked in.

Sessions are tailored to your requirements – and often therapies can be combined.

Once sessions are booked in I will be in touch to help you design your perfect ‘Nurture Me’ session.

(Due to set up time for therapy sessions it is not possible to make last minute bookings)

Therapies available (Full details will be published soon)

  • Massage (30/60/90)
  • Hot Stone Massage (60/90)
  • Thai Foot Massage (60)
  • Reiki (30/60)
  • Sound Therapy (Gong, Drum etc) (30/60/90)
  • Hammock Gong (60/90)


19th Jan

9th Feb

8th March

5th april

26th April

24th May

28th June

26th July

23rd August

20th September

25th October

29th November

Due to the limited amount of dates available, Nurture Me sessions are only be available to Body Nurture clients.