T & C’s

Body Nurture Terms and Conditions of Booking 2021

Please note – by booking classes at Body Nurture you are agreeing to the terms and conditions as stated below

Booking classes/Joining

Please visit the Booking/Prices page for details

Cancellation Policy – 48 hours

The required notice for any cancellation is 48 hours.  If you cancel booked classes online within the required notice period a class credit will be added to your account and you will receive an email confirming your cancellation and your new balance.  If you do not give the required notice no refund will be given

Body Nurture reserves the right to disallow forward booking for clients who regularly fail to cancel online

Online Booking System

Following an initial session at Body Nurture ALL classes/sessions must be booked and paid for via our online booking system

New Clients

New clients have 7 days from the receipt of their online booking ‘welcome email’ to book their classes.  If there is no account activity within this time all details are removed from our systems

If a space has been provisionally reserved in a class new clients have 48 hours from the receipt of their welcome email to log in and make payment before the space is released back to the booking system.  Reserved classes cannot be held for longer then 48 hours

Cooling off Period

Body Nurture allows new clients a 7 day ‘cooling off’ period.  If you have paid for classes online and change your mind about attending sessions at Body Nurture you can have your payment refunded – less a £5 administrative charge.  Notification must be received within 7 days of your payment or no refund will be allowed.  If a refund is issued your details are permanently removed from Body Nurture’s systems

Arrival Time

Please don’t arrive earlier than 10 minutes before the start of your class/appointment

Late arrivals are not admitted under any circumstances – doors are locked at start of class


Every effort will be made to give you notice/cover classes, however Body Nurture reserves the right to cancel classes at short notice


The covid-19 addendum to Body Nurture’s Terms and Conditions of Booking – updated 19/7/21

My prime objective in developing this addendum is to keep you all safe and for you to feel confident when you return to Body Nurture that everything possible is being done to mitigate any risk of infection

Operations Plan
  • Entry and exit procedure
  • Management of reception
  • Provision of hand washing facilities, hand wipes and sanitiser
  • Client health check
  • Safe distancing protocol
  • PPE requirements
  • Cleaning and sanitation protocol
  • Minimising contact with surfaces
  • Communication with clients
  • Post holiday/travel requirements
  • Tracing clients
  • Protocols in the event of a confirmed covid-19 case
  • Clients who feel unwell

A maximum of 2 clients can be in the reception area at any time.  Weather permitting the front door will be open.  Please respect this rule and WAIT OUTSIDE if two people are already inside

If the door is closed – please WAIT to be let in and please AVOID TOUCHING the door.  Do not to arrive too early – you will have to wait in the car park

You can leave your coats and shoes in reception – but try to bring as little as possible with you.

Once in Reception

All clients are required to have their temperature checked (infra red – no contact) on arrival and will asked to confirm they are covid symptom free.  Clients displaying a high temperature will not be able to attend class.  I will be checking and logging my own temperature 3 times a day

Confirmation that I have completed temperature checks and health checks to be logged on class/session sheet

(Anyone who has just returned from abroad will need to wait 7 clear days from their return before attending classes a Body Nurture

All clients are required to sanitise their hands (or gloves if waring them) on entry.  There is a sanitising station on the reception desk with an automatic dispenser.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO TOUCH IT.  Put your hand under the spout and a measure of alcohol free ‘kind to hands’ sanitiser will be dispensed automatically.  For those who prefer – our usual wipes containing alcohol are also available at the station


The wearing of masks is optional

I will be wearing a visor for entry/exit procedures, one to one sessions and in class if I need to come into your space.

The visor I have found is really lightweight and its basically a spectacle frame with no lenses and a perspex screen attached to the top of the frame .  I couldn’t imagine teaching in a visor – but I’m pleasantly surprised to find how comfortable this visor is.  There will be some for sale in reception for those clients who don’t want to exercise in a mask – but would like the security of some form of face covering.  As with all face coverings – they are not a guarantee against infection.



I will have some of the thin blue disposable ones on reception for a small charge if you forget yours.  I will also have some of the standard blue disposable face masks



If you do wear socks to class – for your safety they need to be ‘non slip’

I have a limited amount of plain black ‘gripper’ ankle socks with toes for anyone who wishes to purchase a pair.  Please email me your size

Getting to class – downstairs studio – Pilates Mat/Yoga/Reformer

The top and bottom fire doors will be propped open – so you won’t need to touch them

Of course the stair rail is there to be used for your safety  – and will be sanitised frequently

Upon entering the studio go straight to a mat or reformer and try to move around as little as possible remembering to practise safe distancing- 1m+ minimum.  2m where space permits

When we are ready start the class I will close & lock the front door and close the two fire doors behind me as I approach the studio  – sanitising the hand rail on my way down

There are 2 additional sanitising stations downstairs – one in the cloakroom and one on the shelves where the blocks/cushions are kept.  Feel free to use the stations as often as you wish

Leaving the studio

Please leave reception promptly to avoid congestion

Can I bring my own mat to Pilates and yoga?

Yes of course – but you will need to sanitise it before coming to the studio, and place it on top of the studio mats.

Reformer Classes and one to one sessions using large equipment

In the interests of hygiene reformer clients and most one to one clients will need to purchase a pair of strap covers from Body Nurture.  This would be a one time purchase and the covers would be exclusively yours.  They are simple neoprene luggage handle covers with a Velcro closure which happen to fit our reformer straps perfectly.  Clients can choose to leave them at Body nurture in a named bag – or take them home.  The use of these strap covers would allow clients to work without socks if they wish as they will not come into contact with the straps at all – only their own personal cover.  The straps are £5 a pair.  I have black and limited amount of green, yellow, red and pink covers.

Sanitation/cleaning protocol/rubbish disposal

Where weather permits the back doors will be open to allow air circulation

Body Nurture’s two virus killers will be working full time

Fans can be used in the main studio to keep the air moving if we can’t have the doors open

What happens the event of a confirmed case of covid-19 being reported to Body Nurture by a client/health authorities?

I would have to self isolate for 14 days, and Body Nurture would have to CLOSE. Anyone who came into contact with the infected person would also have to self isolate for 14 days.

The online booking system can provide a list attendees for every class or session, along with their contact details.  So in the event of a confirmed case I can easily get in touch with anyone they may have come into contact with


Can I respectfully ask that you do not contact me to ask if I think you should attend or not.  The rule is simple.  It is your responsibility – if you don’t feel well – don’t come.  Lets all work together to contain this dreadful virus, protect each other and get back to some kind of normal as soon as we can