Classes at Body Nurture are available Monday to Friday as follows.

Pink text indicates appointment times for Sue’s one to one sessions.

Please call 07887 922 356 or email susan@bodynurture.co.uk to book.


09.30 Private instruction with Sue
09.30 L2 Pilates with Nicole
11.00 Private instruction with Sue
18.00 Pilates L1/2 with Props – with Sue
19.30 Private instruction with Sue
19.30 Yoga Flow with Mike


09.30 Group Reformer L1/2 with Sue
11.00 Yin and Yang Yoga Restore with Sue
13.00 Private Instruction with Sue
18.00 Private Instruction with Sue
19.30 Group Reformer L2/3 with Sue


09.30 Pilates L1 Absolute Beginners with Nicole
09.30 Private Instruction with Sue
11.00 Pilates L2/3 with Sue
12.30 Private Instruction with Sue
18.00 Pilates L2/3 Improvers/Intermediate  with Sue
19.30 Aerial Yoga with Sue


09.30 Group Reformer L2 with Sue
11.00 Pilates L2 with Lyn
11.00 Private instruction with Sue
12.30 Private instruction with Sue
18.30 Private instruction with Sue 
18.30 Pilates L1 Absolute Beginners with Lyn
20.00 Dragon Flow Yin/Yang Yoga with Sue


09.30 Pilates L1/2 Improvers with Nicole
09.15 Private instruction with Sue
11.00 Private instruction with Sue
12.30 Private instruction with Sue
16.30 Private instruction with Sue
18.00 Private instruction with Sue


Appointments by special arrangement only



Friday 25th August – Mon 11th September – Sue Holiday

(some of Sue’s Pilates classes will be covered – please check when booking.  Yoga not running Tuesdays 29/8 or 5/9 and Thursdays 31/8 and 7/9)

Monday August 28th – closed bank holiday

Monday 4th September – no 7.30 Yoga with Mike

Thursday 7th September no 11.00 am or 6.30 pm Pilates with Lyn

Monday 11th September – no 7.30 Yoga with Mike

Thursday 14th September – no 6.30 Pilates with Lyn

Wednesday 27th September no 6.00 pm L2/3 Pilates

Monday 16th October no 6.00 pm  Pilates with Props

Thursday 26th October no 8.00 pm Yoga

Monday 30th October no 6.00 pm Pilates with Props

Thursday 16th November – no 11.00 am Pilates

Thursday 16th November  - no 6.30 pm Pilates

CHRISTMAS /New Year 2017/18

Last classes before Christmas Thursday 21st December 2017

We re open on Wednesday 3rd January 2018