“I have been attending weekly Pilates classes at Body Nurture with Susan for around 10 weeks and am delighted with the progress I have made. I started Pilates to strengthen my core following a herniated disc, but now wish I had started doing this years earlier as it has been an immensely satisfying experience.

Susan is a passionate advocate for Pilates, extremely knowledgeable, and an excellent teacher. Her sessions are challenging but always fun.  She demonstrates each move, anticipates potential errors her students might make, and tailors each exercise to her students ability, particularly any pre-existing injuries.

The premises and equipment are superb, and make for an excellent experience. I would recommend Body Nurture to anybody interested in Pilates, from beginner to expert.”

Mark Skuce

“I’ll start off by saying I’m a guy, and I loved playing sports and going to the gym. Following sessions with a Physiotherapist because of sports injuries, I was advised to consider Pilates with Sue. At first I was put off doing it under the impression that Pilates wouldn’t be a bloke’s type of thing and classes may make me feel uncomfortable, but I couldn’t have been more wrong. Sue immediately made me feel at home. Pilates builds all over body strength as well as the core. It’s given me awareness of posture and muscles like I’ve never had before. I’m stronger, way more flexible and slimmer than I think I’ve ever been. To any guys considering it I would say go for it. Whether you want to get fitter, tone yourself up or strengthen your core, you can’t go wrong.”


Can’t believe it!!!

Have been going to Pilates classes for a couple of years with Sue and signed on for the Reformer classes as soon as I experienced the taster session. What a difference this has made. I’ve always had a problematic back, and have had to really tailor the mat work to the dictates of my back. No longer!!! Two months into Reformer classes my back is more supple, I no longer have the back pain and I can progress my mat work. Have also saved a fortune in physiotherapy bills!!

Thanks Sue!


“I started Pilates with Sue about 5 years ago after a back operation which meant I was unable to do any exercise which put strain on my back. Sue started off giving me very simple exercises to do and also spent time to make sure I was using the correct muscles to protect my back. I now attend a class with Sue every week and maintain a good routine. I will never be an Olympian but I can now do roll ups without my back being in pain. I feel much better – and don’t have to get sweaty in a gym!”


“Since I’ve been coming to classes at Body Nurture I’ve noticed a difference in my general well being. The small class sizes have enabled me to progress in both yoga and Pilates and I feel far healthier and less stressed as a result. Sue is passionate about what she does so the classes are always interesting and varied. She really cares about her clients and this is evident in her classes and treatments. I always look forward to coming to Body Nurture and would recommend it to anyone.”

Gemma G

“Having got to a state of burnout I decided to take a career break from work. This has enabled me to attend several classes a week at Body Nurture. I now have a spring in my step and am fitter in both body and mind thanks to Pilates and Yoga classes. I have made many new friends and there is always a lovely atmosphere. I cannot recommend this place highly enough.”

Lyn from Harwood

Following a back injury 2 years ago, I was advised by my physiotherapist to join a Pilates Class. I knew nothing about Pilates!!! I found a class run by Sue Bailey and, wondering what I was letting myself in for, reluctantly joined her Beginners Class in 2011. After only a few weeks I really started to enjoy myself and apart from the social aspect (which is great) I have found  I am now much more supple, feel a lot fitter and know that my core muscles are much stronger.

In August 2012 Sue opened her own studio, Body Nurture in Egerton, it is a modern, clean, light studio which has a wonderful feel about it. I have now progressed to the intermediate class, something I thought would never happen.  What more can I say about Body Nurture only that it offers a wide range of classes run by expert, professional instructors who take such pride in their work and I would not hesitate to recommend them.

Pat Ogden

“After starting Pilates very reluctantly because I knew I needed to do some form of exercise, I have been really surprised how much I enjoy it and  how much I have learned in a relatively short period of time. Sue makes it easy to follow, it’s fun and friendly!”   


“After having knee surgery I have benefited so much from all my classes and the expert tuition and time and patience given to me.

Thank you Body Nurture!”

Lizi Flanagan

“I started doing yoga over a year ago at Body Nurture. It is a totally different exercise environment which really suits me. The classes are kept small, the people are friendly and the tuition is first class. Sue the founder of Body Nurture has painstakingly sought perfection in all areas, down to the smell as you walk down the stairs and to supplying all the equipment you require (lovely comfy blankets head pillows eye pillows). You name it, its there!!!!!!!  No need to dress the part – just put something comfy on and off you go.  What more could a girl want?”

Julie B