Aerial Yoga

Spaces currently available.  One to one session (£20 prepaid) required before joining class – please email Sue for details.  
A new way to explore yoga – Wednesdays 7.30 pm
How will aerial yoga benefit me?

Being suspended from a ‘silk’ or hammock allows decompression of joints and spine
Improvement in balance and spacial awareness
Development of core strength and stability
Improvement to overall strength
Increased flexibility and joint mobility
Your inner child gets to come out and play!
A real sense of achievement
Freeing up the spine allows our prank (life force energy) to flow more freely
Aerial yoga is ENERGISING
Aerial yoga is FUN FUN FUN!

What happens in a class

Aerial Yoga classes are an hour long and begin a seated meditation cocooned in your fabric. We then move through a sequence of standing, seated or floor yoga postures specially adapted for aerial yoga.  Sometimes we work with your hammock height set just below your waist, and sometimes set just a few inches above the floor – restorative yoga.  Aerial yoga is all about exploration – finding your way in and out of supported asana (postures) and discovering deep stretches and ‘allowing’ your body to yield to the fabric. We can play at being bats if you fancy hanging upside down – and there is always a choice of how to get in and out of your hammock.  Most people are surprised at just how eager their inner child is to come out and play!


Wear soft comfy clothing – ideally a top that won’t ride up if you go upside down.  Tracksuit bottoms/leggings are fine
Wear a top that covers your armpits – this is for hygiene reasons and to protect your delicate skin
Socks if you prefer
Hydrate yourself before class
Eat something light – but leave at least 2 hours to digest before class


Wear any jewellery or hair accessories (small stud earrings and wedding bands are fine) as it can snag/create holes in the fabric
Wear sleeveless tops
Wear any garments with zips or metal buttons – again to prevent causing snags and holes in the expensive fabric. For safety reasons we can’t just sew holes up. The whole thing has to be replaced……
Wear long/acrylic fingernails… they can get caught – painful for you and can tear the fabric
Wear strong perfumes…..they linger on the fabric
Overdo the moisturiser – it ends up on the fabric….

Before joining a class new aerial yoga clients are required to attend a group taster session or one to one session 

Please email me here for details of taster session dates or to arrange a one to one session