Covid-19 addendum

UPDATE 26/7/20

The covid-19 related addendum to Body Nurture’s Terms and Conditions of Booking

Having ploughed through pages of extensive government advice and guidance (which is often contradictory and subject to interpretation) I have taken it all on board, and as advised I have completed a risk assessment and from this assessment prepared an operations plan.  This plan forms the basis of the addendum to Body Nurture’s existing terms and conditions

My prime objective in developing this addendum is to keep you all safe and for you to feel confident when you return to Body Nurture that everything possible is being done to mitigate any risk of infection.

Operations Plan

Entry and exit procedure

Management of reception

  • Provision of hand washing facilities, hand wipes and sanitiser
  • Client health check
  • Safe distancing protocol
  • PPE requirements
  • Cleaning and sanitation protocol
  • Minimising contact with surfaces
  • Structure of studio classes
  • Communication with clients
  • Post holiday/travel requirements
  • Tracing clients
  • Protocols in the event of a confirmed covid-19 case
  • Clients who feel unwell

All clients are required to make a declaration stating that they have read the addendum.  This can be done by either:

  1. Responding to the email sent on 26/7 stating that they have read the addendum (same household members need to respond individually)
  2. Signing a paper declaration on their first visit to Body Nurture

Distancing/minimising contact with surfaces

Our distancing protocol is to aim for 2m where space allows – and 1 m+ as a minimum

Limiting the amount of contact with frequently touched objects such as door handles etc has been built into the entry/exit procedure to minimise the risk of contagion.  In fact it is my intention that aside from a mat or large equipment (i.e reformer) clients should not need to touch ANYTHING during their visit.  (Unless you visit the loo of course – see below)

All bins in the building are either pedal operated – or have their lids removed

Everything clients touch I have to sanitise between classes/sessions.  So obviously its easier for me (and safer for you) if I can organise your visit so you touch as little as possible :-)


A maximum of 2 clients can be in the reception area at any time.  Weather permitting the front door will be open.  Please respect this rule and WAIT OUTSIDE if two people are already inside

If the door is closed – please WAIT to be let in and please AVOID TOUCHING the door.  Do not to arrive too early – you will have to wait in the car park

You can leave your coats and shoes in reception – but try to bring as little as possible with you.  Paper couch roll will be on the seats in reception for those that need to sit to remove shoes.  Paper roll will also cover the seats in the downstairs cloaks.  This will be changed between sessions

Once in Reception 

All clients are required to have their temperature checked (infra red – no contact) on arrival and will asked to confirm they are covid symptom free.  Clients displaying a high temperature will not be able to attend class.  I will be checking and logging my own temperature 3 times a day

Confirmation that I have completed temperature checks and health checks to be logged on class/session sheet

(Anyone who has just returned from abroad will need to wait 7 clear days from their return before attending classes a Body Nurture – this could change to 14 days for some countries depending on the prevailing quarantine regulations)

All clients are required to sanitise their hands (or gloves if waring them) on entry.  There is a sanitising station on the reception desk with an automatic dispenser.  YOU DO NOT NEED TO TOUCH IT.  Put your hand under the spout and a measure of alcohol free ‘kind to hands’ sanitiser will be dispensed automatically.  For those who prefer – our usual wipes containing alcohol are also available at the station


Should I wear a mask?

Guidance – “All forms of face coverings may restrict breathing efficiency and should not be used during exercise except on specific advice from a physician.”

So – no you don’t have to.  But please do wear one if you wish.

I will be wearing a visor for entry/exit procedures, one to one sessions and in class if I need to come into your space.

The visor I have found is really lightweight and its basically a spectacle frame with no lenses and a perspex screen attached to the top of the frame .  I couldn’t imagine teaching in a visor – but I’m pleasantly surprised to find how comfortable this visor is.  There will be some for sale (£3) in reception for those clients who don’t want to exercise in a mask – but would like the security of some form of face covering.  As with all face coverings – they are not a guarantee against infection.

Please email me if you would like one so I can have it ready for you – and also to give me an idea of demand in use I need to order more in


Please feel free to wear to class if you wish – cotton or lightweight disposable

I will have some of the thin blue disposable ones on reception for a small charge if you forget yours.  I will also have some of the standard blue disposable face masks


Probably best to wear them – but if like me you don’t like working in them we will just need to be extra diligent with sanitising our feet.  So that would mean sanitising once as you take your shoes & socks off in reception – and again when you reach your mat in the studio (Reformer/one to one clients please see below)

If you do wear socks to class – for your safety they need to be ‘non slip’

I have a limited amount of plain black ‘gripper’ ankle socks with toes for anyone who wishes to purchase a pair.  Please email me your size

Getting to class – downstairs studio – Pilates Mat/Yoga/Reformer

The top and bottom fire doors will be propped open – so you won’t need to touch them

Of course the stair rail is there to be used for your safety  – and will be sanitised frequently

Upon entering the studio go straight to a mat or reformer and try to move around as little as possible remembering to practise safe distancing- 1m+ minimum.  2m where space permits

When we are ready start the class I will close & lock the front door and close the two fire doors behind me as I approach the studio  – sanitising the hand rail on my way down

There are 2 additional sanitising stations downstairs – one in the cloakroom and one on the shelves where the blocks/cushions are kept.  Feel free to use the stations as often as you wish

Sanitising hands is especially important if clients cough or sneeze into them. We all cough and sneeze from time to time – you may have an allergy or an itch!! It doesn’t necessarily mean we are infectious – but just to be sure please sanitise your hands straight away if you do cough or sneeze into into them

Leaving the studio

After class please REMAIN IN THE STUDIO until I have propped the doors open again and invite the first two clients upstairs.  Any clients remaining will be invited to proceed once reception is clear again.  Distanced waiting on the stairs is fine

Please leave reception promptly -  the front door will be open (weather permitting) or I will OPEN THE DOOR FOR YOU so you don’t have to touch it.

I normally love to chat with you in reception after your class or session – but just for now we need to minimise the time spent in close proximity.  Plus I have to ensure the building is ready for the next session and need that 30 minutes of sanitisation time!  So please don’t think I’m being rude if I ask you to leave :-)


Please help to cut down on time spent in reception by pre ordering any retail items.  Simply email me with your requirements and I will confirm the price by return email, along with my bank details for payment.  Your items will be ready for you to collect when you arrive.

There is good stock of teas, supplements candles, China-Gel, masks, gloves, visors and reformer strap covers (see reformer section below for details)


There is no longer a water machine in the downstairs cloaks

Bottled plain water will be available to purchase – along with cucumber sparkling water and coconut water.  You can also bring your own in a spill proof bottle.  No glass containers in the studio

If you need a drink – help yourself when you arrive and let me know what you have taken.  I’m happy to just keep a list of what clients owe – and we can tally up at some point.  This will also apply to PPE – but do try to pre order


Only the downstairs toilet will be available when mat classes are running – this is so I don’t have to sanitise both loos between sessions

The upstairs loo will of course be available when I’m teaching one to one sessions upstairs

It will really save time if I’m not sanitising a loo that has not been used – so if you do use a loo and find a duck or a boat on the closed lid – simply put it up on the cistern and leave it there.  That way I know if the loo has been used or not :-)

Surface sanitising wipes are available for you to use in each loo.  Please wipe anything you touch/sit on and dispose of in the bin.  PLEASE DON’T FLUSH WIPES!

Antibacterial soap is available at the sinks

There is a choice of paper towels or cotton hand towels (changed twice a day) to dry your hands after washing

And of course you are only ever a few feet away from a hand sanitising unit

Can I bring my own mat to Pilates and yoga?

Yes of course – but you will need to sanitise it before coming to the studio, and place it on top of the studio mats.

Class format

The teaching format for group sessions will be slightly different for now in that I will limit the amount of time I spend close to clients – and stay on my mat for much of the class.  Hands on adjustments will be kept to a minimum – and then only made with your permission.  If I need to come into our space I will wear a visor

Classes and sessions will finish just a couple of minutes early – to give me maximum sanitisation time


Props will be kept to a bare minimum initially – just blocks and head pillows.  (The usual head pillows will be provided -  covered in paper bedding roll and sanitised/left to dry between classes)


Use of blocks will be fine as I can sanitise them.  Bolsters will be covered with bedding roll.  Blankets and belts will not be available for now – but you can bring your own small blanket if you wish

Reformer Classes and one to one sessions using large equipment

The hard surfaces of the Pilates large equipment are very easy to sanitise

The fabric hand/foot straps however are not

So in the interests of hygiene clients who use straps – so most definitely reformer clients and most one to one clients – will need to choose one of the following options:

  1. Wear socks and gloves
  2. Purchase a pair of strap covers from Body Nurture.  This would be a one time purchase and the covers would be exclusively yours.  They are simple neoprene luggage handle covers with a Velcro closure which happen to fit our reformer straps perfectly.  Clients can choose to leave them at Body nurture in a named bag – or take them home.  The use of these strap covers would allow clients to work without socks if they wish as they will not come into contact with the straps at all – only their own personal cover.  The straps are £5 a pair.  I have black and limited amount of green, yellow, red and pink covers.

If you would like to purchase a pair please let me know as soon as possible by email so that I can have them ready for you – I also need to know if I should order any more

Sanitation/cleaning protocol/rubbish disposal

Where weather permits the back doors will be open to allow air circulation

Body Nurture’s two virus killers will be working full time

Fans can be used in the main studio to keep the air moving if we can’t have the doors open

There will be sanitising wipes dotted all around the studio and upstairs rooms.  If you use one in the studio please just tuck it back in its wrapper and LEAVE it near your mat.  All litter will be cleared as part of my between session sanitising routine.  Upstairs rooms – please use the bins provided

I will be responsible for sanitising equipment/mats/floor/loos between classes using a probiotic multi surface cleaner

Everything will also be sprayed with a probiotic air and fabric freshener. Whilst these spray can’t kill viruses – they just love to consume harmful bacteria, making the environment a less desirable place for viruses to hang out.  There’s nothing for them to eat!  Body Nurture stocks the full range of ‘We are Probiotic’ products – including a personal atomiser called a ProGo.  More information here –

All cleaning procedures will be logged after each session

No rubbish will be stored on the premises overnight

What happens the event of a confirmed case of covid-19 being reported to Body Nurture by a client/health authorities?

I would have to self isolate for 14 days, and Body Nurture would have to CLOSE. Anyone who came into contact with the infected person would also have to self isolate for 14 days.

The online booking system can provide a list attendees for every class or session, along with their contact details.  So in the event of a confirmed case I can easily get in touch with anyone they may have come into contact with


Can I respectfully ask that you do not contact me to ask if I think you should attend or not.  The rule is simple.  It is your responsibility – if you don’t feel well – don’t come.  Lets all work together to contain this dreadful virus, protect each other and get back to some kind of normal as soon as we can


UPDATE 14/7/20

At last the go ahead to open…..  I can’t wait to get back to some kind or normality – though our timetable will not be as it was ‘pre Covid’ for some time.

Our return will be in stages – starting with one to one sessions and group reformer from Monday 3rd August.

Group sessions will be available form Monday 14th September.  Another member newsletter will sent out shortly detailing time table changes and availability.  I am trying to create as little disruption to the time table as possible, but it will be necessary to make some changes to class start times – and indeed to move/cancel some classes.   The changes are to facilitate additional cleaning/sanitising and safe movement of clients within Body Nurture.

Zoom classes will continue to run for the time being – and indeed more Zoom classes are likely to form part of our ‘new normal’.

Government guidelines mean that in the short term we have fewer spaces and my priority will be looking after my existing clients booking requirements.  This means that spaces for NEW CLIENTS will not be available at Body Nurture just yet.  Newcomers will be very welcome as and when we can expand our class sizes again. Please feel free to email me with any enquiries – a wait list will be in operation.

All best wishes



UPDATE 30/6/20

I hope everyone has stayed safe and well since my last update.  A far from normal spring and summer for us all.

I’m sure that like me you were disappointed to learn that spa’s, indoor gyms and fitness studios will not be opening at the beginning of July as we had hoped.

It is still very unclear how long it will be before we can open.  Depending on which news report you read it varies between “considerably later than 4th July” to “it is hoped that gyms will be open sometime during July” and “we anticipate indoor gyms being able to open by the end of July”.  Which one of these statements (if any) will be correct is anyones guess.

With all this uncertainty for July I have decided to try for an early August opening.  Perhaps with one to one sessions to start, and then group classes – depending of course on what the government guidelines are at the time.  Please note – new memberships are temporarily suspended until things settle down.  Booking priority will be given to existing clients.

I will update you as soon as there is some concrete news – and we’ll keep our fingers crossed we get the go ahead for August.

Zoom classes will continue to run for as long as clients want to book in.  Thank you so much for your continued support Zoomers!!



From 30/6 01204 238076 will no longer be available.  Please delete this number from your records and use 07887 922356 if you need to call me.

CHINA-GEL – a new delivery has just arrived.  I can open reception for anyone wanting to make a purchase – with appropriate social distancing of course :-) or I can leave in the meter cupboard for clients to collect.

I have been busy freshening up Body Nurture during June.  Today I painted the last door – each door having had 2 coats of paint – thats the equivalent 18 doors and frames!!!  Reception and the upstairs reformer room and bathroom plus corridor, along with the downstairs loo and cloaks have all been repainted.  The former treatment room upstairs is now a lovely calming healing room.  I have been studying an online crystal course since the beginning of lockdown – and look forward to offering some sound and crystal healing sessions when we re open.

So Body Nurture is all ready for you – we just need the go ahead from the government.

It has been so lovely to see some of you over the past few weeks – popping by to collect yoga/Pilates props and supplements and a quick catch up.

Thank you all for your good wishes and messages of support




UPDATE 9/4/20

At last!!  Online classes for Body Nurture members.  Please check email sent to all 9/4/20.  FREE CLASS this Easter Saturday – the link is in the email.

Upcoming classes – now available to book via Studio Bookings online:

Yoga For All Levels Online – ZOOM – Thursdays 6.00 pm – 90 minutes

Improvers/Intermediate Pilates Online – ZOOM – Fridays 10.30 am – 60 minutes

Simply use your existing credits to book /cancel as normal.  Online classes can be accessed for 48 hours via a link sent to booked clients following the class

Members of your household are most welcome to join you – but please ensure they have read our online disclaimer here Body Nurture T&C’s or in the email sent 9/4/20.

New clients to Pilates are usually required to attend a one to one session before joining class.  Under current circumstances this is not possible – so please bear this in mind if your guests are new to Pilates and have any health issues.  If in doubt please wait until we are back in the studio rather than risk further injury.  Friends and family members of existing Pilates clients who have been following Pilates classes online, wishing to attend studio sessions once we re open will still need to attend a one to one session before joining a studio class

Hope to see you on a screen soon :-)

And in person before too long…. Stay safe everyone x

UPDATE 4/4/20

Thanks to all of you who sent such lovely supportive emails – they mean so much during this difficult time

I’m still working on the online classes – won’t be long now.

I hope everyone is staying safe and well.

New T&C’s regarding online classes just added….


UPDATE 22/3/20 18.00

I just sent out what is it is without doubt the hardest email I’ve ever had to write.

However given the severity of the current situation, and taking on board the most recent advice from the government regarding social distancing I feel that closing Body Nurture with immediate effect is the most responsible action.

This has been an incredibly a heart wrenching decision for me to make – but the safety of all my amazing clients and their families is of the utmost importance to me.

You won’t need to do anything – over the next few days I will cancel your classes and sessions (initially until 31st May), and your account will be credited.  Please remember your credits are valid for a year from purchase.

I will be reviewing the situation regularly and following government guidelines can always reopen if the situation improves sooner.


I will be offering live online classes!  My priority for next week is to work on implementing this as soon as possible.  Please look out for further email updates/check back in here

In the meantime thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support – and look forward to seeing you again just as soon as we are advised it is safe do so

With all best wishes to you and your loved ones





Dear All

I have received a number of emails and texts from clients regarding Body Nurture’s current status – so a quick follow up to last weeks email will hopefully clarify a few points.

The most common question is – ‘are classes running?’

Yes – all classes and one to one sessions are running.

If a class has to be cancelled YOU WILL BE NOTIFIED.  Please check your messages/emails regularly.  I will also post any significant news on Body Nurture’s website.

I completely understand that some of you will prefer not to attend classes at the moment – particularly those of you with family members that fall into the ‘high risk groups’.

To assist me in forward planning – please can I ask those of you who have decided not to attend to ensure that you log on and cancel ALL forward booked classes, not just the current weeks classes.  

(Remember all purchases are valid for 1 year from date purchase – but you need to cancel your classes in order for the system to credit your accounts.  Our late cancellation policy still applies – so if in doubt – cancel as soon as you can.  You can always re book if your circumstances change).

This will then give me a clearer picture of class numbers, enabling me to make adjustments if I need to.

Rest assured we will continue with our rigorous sanitising routine – and our virus killers are working hard!

It is my aim to stay open for as long as I can.

I will only close if:

The Government instruct me to

I show any symptoms – however mild

I know I have come into contact with anyone showing symptoms


So stay safe – stay healthy and do try to take some special time out for yourselves to RELAX.

Stress and anxiety are two of the worst enemies an efficient immune system.  Take a rest – chill out and let it do it’s job.


Take good care

All Best Wishes


Updated 17/3 15.55